Value Proposition

AIEF presents an ideal high level platform for countries, corporate bodies and entities, investors and entrepreneurs, government officials and policy makers to meet prospective investors and partners from regional and overseas participants for a detailed presentation and to facilitate consultative sessions. The Forum’s unique format provides participating institutions and individuals with a high impact forum to make their business and product presentations to a select audience of the region’s SMEs and decision makers. The pre confirmed one-on-one meetings help facilitate discussions on future partnerships. Boardroom consultative sessions ensure a guaranteed turnout of shortlisted decision makers. Besides, the event also provides a definitive ambience for business networking on the sidelines.














 Policy Makers

 NIPA/Trade Orgs


 SMEs/Start up




 Service Providers




STIMULATE Africa’s Economic Growth
BUILD Business Relations and Partnerships
INFLUENCE Trends and Decision making
SHARE Thought Leadership and Best Practices
SPUR Innovation, Trade and Investment



Why you should present and exhibit at AIEF 2017

There are plenty of reasons why companies should consider presenting and exhibiting at AIEF. Here are just a few:

Clients, Partners and Investors: Large corporations and investors participate in AIEF to learn about and connect with the most promising international growth companies and technology trends. Pre-arranged one – on-one meetings guarantees an opportunity to build relationships and do business.

Visibility and Access: Exhibition at AIEF secures visibility and access to prospective partners, investors, and journalists.

Expansion Incentives: The participation of countries provides growth companies with an opportunity to receive subsidies or other government incentives and services that support their international growth and expansion plans.

Network: Invitation-only approach guarantees the best quality of delegates.

International Dimension: With delegates from 20+ countries. Online meeting requests and scheduling prior to event.

Representation of Press: Traditionally, AIEF enjoys extensive press coverage. We are expecting about 25 representatives of both local and international media to attend the Event, and publish 100 articles, interviews, etc.








Economic Growth











Representation – Selected Countries are invited to assemble a delegation to be represented at the event. Delegates come from large corporations, privately high tech companies, clusters, investment promotion agencies, R&D centers, universities, investments funds, a media outlet and the political leadership.

Presentation – Innovative, public and companies based in the partner country have the opportunity to showcase their innovation during the main AIEF special program.

Participation – Representatives of the partner countries have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions.

Presence – Partner countries have exhibition space in a dedicated exhibition area and access to a private meeting room throughout the event.

Visibility – Partners logo will be included on website, onsite signage, and in all marketing and conference materials. Partner has the opportunity to run a full colored adv in conference brochure and send a dedicated email to all delegates in advance of the conference.

Match-Making – For partner countries, AIEF pre-arranges one-on-one meetings with influential business executives, potential investors, customers and high-level politicians.

Gala-Dinner – Partner countries receive a dedicated table at the Gala-Dinner event.




As a key cornerstone of the event, AIEF Special Program provides business and technology leaders, agriculturalists, investors and large corporations, opportunities to learn about the latest innovations, technology trends and the entrepreneurs behind them, to find partners, to invest in the most promising projects, and to source innovative solutions that have the potential to accelerate their own company’s growth. Companies are chosen from a variety of industry sectors and are offered the opportunity:

  • To feature and demonstrate their products and services;

  • To learn from Government officials about the incentives their country offers to support the company’s international growth plans, and, most importantly;

  • To build relationships and initiate deals with potential customers, partners, and investors.

Presentation at AIEF Special Program allows promising companies to further accelerate their growth. Innovative and privately held growth companies are cordially invited to submit an application to feature at the AIEF Special program main stage. Companies with international growth and expansion plans or those interested in putting the company on the radar screen of potential clients, business partners, investors or blue chip companies from within and outside Africa, should consider participating in one of the “AIEF Special Program” sessions at the event.

National Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations

National Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Business Associations or Organizations are invited to submit an application for participation in the AIEF Special Program.

The program is designed to provide a small number of select agencies with an opportunity:

  • to gain premium visibility and share their best practices with delegates and journalists;

  • to showcase initiatives and successes from their country, and, most importantly;

  • to attract companies and source new investment deals and projects.


1.   Chambers of Commerce and Industry
2.   Central Banks / Commercial/Microfinance/ Investment Banks
3.   African Regional Economic Bodies
4.   Insurance Companies
5.   Property and Estate Developers
6.   Importers and Exporters
7.   Investors and Entrepreneurs
8.   Hospitality Industries
9.   Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies
10. Industrial Agencies and Institutions
11. Non-Governmental Organizations
12. Governments and Ministries
13. Management and Financial Consultants
14. National Investment Promotion Agencies
15. Food Processing and Beverage Companies
16. Cotton and Ginnery Companies
17. Garment and Textile Companies
18. Industrial and Manufacturing Companies
19. Universities and Research Institutions
20. Free Trade Zone Authorities
21. Trade Associations and Clusters


Participants will be Exposed to:-

  • Internationally renowned and prominent speakers from the Halal Economy.
  • High profile international policy makers from government and the Halal Economy will be contributing their experiences.
  • Debate the standardization of Halal certification protocols and processes in Africa
  • Discover new lucrative investment opportunities that will help you exploit opportunities in the Halal sector
  • Design effective marketing strategies for Halal products
  • Discussions, which will give insight into the practical aspects of trade and investment challenges in Africa.
  • Practices of translating policies into workable documents.
  • Debates on identifying the need for economic diversification in Africa.
  • The identification of concrete interventions and solutions, which will promote Halal trade and investment in Africa and attract FDI.



Becoming a sponsor of AIEF 2017 brings many benefits to Governments, companies, organizations and individuals; it provides a targeted approach to promoting the corporate image, branding, creating greater awareness, generate sales, make contacts, gain competitive advantage, worldwide exposure and venue to launch new products or services of both public and private entities. Furthermore, sponsoring bodies also receive a tremendous exposure in African and GCC countries, MENA region, Middle East and Asia. The Marketing Campaign for this Event will feature all sponsors and will include:

  • Exhibition and on-site branding
  • Media promotion of the event (including print, radio, web and targeted press releases)
  • Branding of pre-event marketing brochures and other literature

Sponsorship is a proven method of communicating key corporate messages and being part of AIEF 2017, sponsoring bodies will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the huge growth market, which offers them further potential to reinforce their positive aspects.