Special Programs

As a key cornerstone of the event, AIEF Special Program provides business and technology leaders, agriculturalists, investors and large corporations, opportunities to learn about the latest innovations, technology trends and the entrepreneurs behind them, to find partners, to invest in the most promising projects, and to source innovative solutions that have the potential to accelerate their own company’s growth. Companies are chosen from a variety of industry sectors and are offered the opportunity:

  • To feature and demonstrate their products and services;

  • To learn from Government officials about the incentives their country offers to support the company’s international growth plans, and, most importantly;

  • To build relationships and initiate deals with potential customers, partners, and investors.

Presentation at AIEF Special Program allows promising companies to further accelerate their growth. Innovative and privately held growth companies are cordially invited to submit an application to feature at the AIEF Special program main stage. Companies with international growth and expansion plans or those interested in putting the company on the radar screen of potential clients, business partners, investors or blue chip companies from within and outside Africa, should consider participating in one of the “AIEF Special Program” sessions at the event.

National Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations

National Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Business Associations or Organizations are invited to submit an application for participation in the AIEF Special Program.

The program is designed to provide a small number of select agencies with an opportunity:

  • to gain premium visibility and share their best practices with delegates and journalists;

  • to showcase initiatives and successes from their country, and, most importantly;

  • to attract companies and source new investment deals and projects.