• To bring together key stakeholders including policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs, practitioners, donors, media and civil society to enable dialogue; strengthening partnerships to advance the Halal sector in Africa and build South-South relations;
  • To foster the development of  an integrated food economy based on agricultural diversification, efficient agricultural production that takes advantage of innovative technologies and practices, tailored trade and investment approaches, well-functioning domestic markets and strategic conservation of food and water in Africa.

  • To share and assess research done to date on the African Halal economy in order to inform advocacy strategies and economic policies in support of the African Halal sector;

  • To generate critical thinking and African-centred theory on halal economy to be disseminated into international discourse and strengthen African representation in global Halal economy meetings;
  • To provide a platform for African thought-leaders; fostering African leadership and positions to ensure growth and capacity within the African Halal economy sector.
  • To identify and promote bankable Halal projects in Africa for investment and development.
  • To establish a continental network among scientists, researchers, academicians in developing a recognized African Reference Centre in Halal Economy Research.